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  Körperliche Merkmale
Alter: 55 Jahre
Geschlecht: Weiblich
Augenfarbe: Grün
Haarfarbe: Rothaarig
Größe: 177 cm / 5 ft, 9.7 in
Statur: Kurvig
  Sexuelle Interessen
Bevorzugtes Geschlecht: Männlich
Sexualität: Bisexuell
Beziehungsstatus: Single
Gesuchte Beziehung: D/s-Beziehung
  Weitere Eigenschaften
  Über mich
There is a path towards the land of fetish pleasures.. I know it better than any of you and I am able to lead you and teach you.. step by step... You are there craving, desperate and in need of my guidance... be prepared... I will find you and I will read your mind...
You crave for my control... you need it badly... you are addicted to beg to receive your details and to evaluate your situation.
You work just for my pleasure. Everything you have into your wallet is mine and you are happy to make me smile.
You love to be financially addicted to me, to consent to give me your details so that your sleep is never the same...Blackmailing you is such a sweet thing for me... And controlling you completely, total power exchange while I use hypnosis, brain fucking, mind and body intoxication...... You will never know when I call your wife or your boss... just for the sake of your fear. Love to see you afraid, to make you shiver and ready to run and hide... Ha ha ha...
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