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United States, Chicago
  Physical Features
Age: 53 Years
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Dark Blonde
Hair Cut: Short hair
Height: 181 cm / 5 ft, 11.3 in
Body Type: Chubby
Shoe Size: 39,5 EU / 9 US
Penis Size: 6.00 cm / 2.36 in
  Sexual Interests
Targeted Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship: Cuckold Relationship
Desired Relationship: D/s Relationship
  Further Features
Submissive Online Sessions Real Sessions Financial Willingness
  About me
So I am looking for a new permanent keyholder who wants to take custody of my keys and proudly wear them on her anklet! Then keep me locked, be super demanding, keep me working my daily cash job of picking up dog shit at $15 a pop. (I had 37 yards most done twice a week). My old Goddess decided this was the perfect job for me, got most of my yards, and she set it up so that after I picked up the dog shit the homeowner would not pay me but send the wages earned to her account.

It’s been a long 4 months I’ve been looking for a permanent keyholder and can’t seem to find one so I’m desperate. Please take full control so you can monitor my finances and me. I will immediately cancel all non-essential monthly bills. That way you get all the money not spent.
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