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United States, Chicago
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Age: 48 Years
Gender: Female
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Relationship: Cuckold Relationship
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I am a 48-year-old very submissive wimpy inferior male Who has always been abused Used manipulated and Bossed around. My junior high school a very popular heart way out of my league girl name Nicole sat behind me in history at first I was so happy but so nervous because I was a nobody. The way her flip-flop moved around that foot and I guess she can’t be looking at it because annexing I know I’m writing her history paper which led into her find me and I had a brand new Mustang so my family and some money however she couldn’t drive you. As you can imagine the next day I was a chauffeur for her then taking her friends to mall then taking her to her boyfriends wrestling matches before long I had to get a job at McDonald’s because I started loaning her money and buying her things hoping one day we talk up who is the girl.